Tony Rimmer has been a cobbler for over 60 years. He still works 6 days a week from the same premises founded by his grandfather when he returned from the war in France in 1920.
Tony's father learned the trade, inherited the business and continued repairing shoes at the same premises
Tony learned his skills from his father.
Tony learned to become a skilled cobbler and took over the business.
The business has many loyal customers.
Tony says "A good quality pair of well made shoes can last for many years".

The business expanded into the shop next door and started to sell British made shoes.
There's always been a big demand for dance shoes in Southport.
Tony's partner Maureen helps manage the shop.
Maureen keeps everything in order.
Tony is now 80 years old and has no children. When he retires there will be no one to fill his shoes.
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